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Pests Are Bad For Business

Pests Are Bad For BusinessNobody enjoys a pest in their home, but what about a pest in the workplace? A lot of our talk here at Bugout usually focuses on the substantial negative environmental and health impact pests can have on people trying to live quietly and safely in their home. If you have a business, can pests actually impair your ability to make a profit? Or are they just a nuisance that you can safely ignore and not spend unnecessary amounts of money on?


It’s Not Just About Food


Of course, when it comes to food-industry related businesses, such as restaurants, everyone agrees that pests, especially rodents, are bad news. A rodent infestation in a restaurant or food processing plant poses such a huge health risk that these places can actually be shut down if a rodent problem gets out of control.

So, at least for food-related businesses, the possibility of contaminated food makes pests in the building a very serious issue. But what if you have an office, where the only thing that sits on tables is computers and paper? If you’ve got an office and you’ve got mice or roaches, sure, it’s not appealing, but you wouldn’t be you a smarter, better business person saving that money for something else?


The Health Impact


One crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to pests in a business is, if a pest in the home makes a family member sick, that only costs you money for possible medical treatment if you don’t have health insurance. However, in a business, roaches or rodents getting into the office pantry, and unsuspecting employees eating that food can get sick, and this will cost you.

Now, because they are sick, they can’t work, which means you’re losing out on whatever business operations you need to have done. You may even find that if an epidemic sweeps through your office due to pest contagion in the food, you may be losing profits from your business as well, or even fall sick yourself, if you didn’t realize that sugar you put in your coffee had been sampled by a rat.


The Infrastructure Impact


Pests can also affect your office’s ability to operate. Mice don’t just make people squeamish, they also have a habit of gnawing at things and taking them away to line their nests. Electronics such as cabling and wiring can be chewed—or even chewed through entirely—by rodents. Insects crawling into electronics become literal computer bugs that can damage equipment, such as computers with sensitive work or data on them.


The Product Impact


If you run a business where you either store food, or you need to store other products, contamination by insects may greatly harm both. Raw food ingredients contaminated by insects is pretty self-evident, since this means the product is no longer safe to sell. But even electronics, paper, or other products that get insects inside can damage the goods, rendering them impossible to sell.

If you have a business, it is not smart to simply let pests have their way in order to save money. It could end up costing you profits instead.

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