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Pest Management For Your Mosquito Control Needs

Pest Management For Your Mosquito Control NeedsAs the temperatures around Maryland begin to rise, mosquitoes are going to start showing up everywhere again. This is why pest management is important. The flying insects are annoying nuisances as they fly close your head and create a buzzing sound in your ears. Plus, the creatures feed on blood. They sting humans and leave behind itchy welts on the skin. Applying ointment to the affected area relieves some of the uncomfortableness for a moment, but usually, within a matter of minutes, it is back again.

There are various species here, but one that is becoming extremely prominent is the Asian tiger mosquito. The insects are easy to recognize thanks to the black and white stripes present on their bodies. These pests do more than simply cause one’s skin to become itchy. Their stings can be quite dangerous as the mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases to humans, such as…

• Zika Virus
• West Nile Virus
• Chikungunya Virus
• Yellow Fever
• And Dengue

Consider Contacting A Pest Management Company Because Of These Health Concerns

Nobody wants their loved ones to get sick, especially when there is something that they can do to prevent the illness. Our pest management company can rid the property of Asian tiger mosquitoes to ensure that the yard is safe and sound for your family to enjoy. We have served the needs of Glen Burnie, Baltimore City, and other surrounding area residents since 1988. The team has the experience and know-how to exterminate these threats. So, don’t delay any longer. Instead, give us a call for a free phone estimate today.

Where Do Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Hang Out And When Do They Come Out?

Most mosquitoes wait until dusk or dawn to feed. However, Asian tiger mosquitoes are active throughout the day and night. Hence, it doesn’t matter what time a person goes outside; they may encounter these dangerous flying insects. Additionally, these pests only need a minimal amount of water to reproduce. As such, swarms of them can often be found in rain gutters, trash cans, old tires, tree stumps, and more. Our pest management technicians know where to look for these mosquitoes, can exterminate them in a safe manner, and can even provide you with tips for keeping the creatures at bay.

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