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A Mouse Can Appear And Vanish In The Blink Of An Eye, So Be On The Lookout For These Tell-Tale Signs

mouse control servicesMany times, mice sightings are nothing more than the glimpse of a gray blur running across the floor. The viewing often leaves homeowners asking themselves if they had seen anything at all. These creatures are small, light on their feet, and know how to stay well hidden, so much so, that people don’t always realize there is an issue. Mice typically have between 12 and 24 offspring per litter, which can result in the population growing to a substantial amount quickly. It is possible for a single mouse to give birth to anywhere from 144 to 244 pups each year. As you can see, property owners can get into quite the predicament in a relatively short period. Stay vigilant in your quest for a pest-free home, and hire a reputable exterminator when things get out of hand to eliminate the threat.

A mouse does not have a problem living outside, but different factors will also drive the creature indoors. Finally getting around to that honey-do list and cleaning up the garden in the backyard is an excellent weekend project. The action makes the area more visually appealing and eliminates giving snakes, mice, and other pests a place to hide. However, swinging hoes, machetes, and using garden equipment to cut away the weeds, brush, or dying plants disturbs the habitat. Creatures living in the area will run from the location, look for a place to hide, and can easily get inside your home. Tearing down old sheds and playhouses is another way to make the yard more aesthetic. Much like with the other scenario, rodents living in the structures will scatter to get to a safe location, which often leads them straight to the house. Be on the lookout for droppings, live or dead specimens, and nests behind wall during the deconstruction as tell-tale signs of their being a problem.


Search For These Inside The Home Mouse Indicators


Mice nibble from one package to the next causing human food stocks to dwindle. They claw and chew through bags, leaving a wake of destruction behind in their path. Noticing scattered food, holes or punctures in boxes and other containers are often clear indications that a mouse population exists. Drywall debris and claw marks or other damage at low levels on sheetrock and baseboards are common signs of mice too. Fecal pellets will become more noticeable, and homeowners might start seeing urine stains as the group numbers grow. Fight back by putting a trustworthy exterminator up to bat for you, and allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations with professional, reliable, and friendly service.

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