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Moth Madness Comes To Your Closet

Extermination Company - Moth Madness Comes To Your Closet Did you ever pull a sweater out of your closet, only to find it full of holes? If you can’t remember getting into a fight with a hole-puncher, then you probably have a moth infestation. This means that it is time to call an extermination company.

Two Moths Who Love Your Closet

There are only two species of moths in the U.S. that damage clothes. As any extermination company will tell you, both of them can be found in Maryland. The webbing clothes moth and the casemaking clothes moth enjoy your closet for two reasons: darkness and food.

Unlike the rest of the world’s moths, these two species are not attracted to light. Instead, they prefer darkness, which your closet likely has an abundance of. Your closet also has an abundance of natural fibers, such as wool, linen, silk, and leather. But adult moths aren’t interested in these materials for themselves.

These natural fibers are full of keratin, a protein that moth larvae needs to grow. Adult moths lay their eggs (and lots of them) in your clothing. Those eggs hatch and become larvae (and lots of them) that get their nourishment by using your clothing as a smorgasbord.

Now It Gets Gross

As if the thought of putting on an egg-filled sweater isn’t gross enough, try putting on a sweater filled with larvae that’s growing fast.

Webbing moth larvae crawl through your clothing, making little tunnels as they go on their feeding frenzy. These tunnels are made from fabric and excrement and are the same color as the material, making them difficult to see.

Casemaking moths travel along, eating through your material, while carrying a portable case with them. The cases grow at the same rate as they grow, but they look so much like the clothing fabric that they are almost impossible to spot.

As the larvae tunnel and munch their way through your clothes, they grow into adults. Once mature, they’ll mate and lay their own eggs in your clothing, and the cycle begins all over again. So even if you replace that old wool sweater with a new one, it’s only a matter of time until that one will become breakfast for the newest additions.

Let An Extermination Company Get Them Out

Moth prevention is much easier than moth removal. Once you have moths breeding in your closet, it’s best to contact an extermination company for help getting them out. We’ve been dealing with moths of all kinds for over 30 years, and we’ll have your closet cleared in no time. We can’t do much to repair the clothing they’ve already damaged, but we can help save the clothes you still have left. Contact us for more information today.

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