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Mosquito Control Is Essential For Your Health

Mosquito Control Is Essential For Your HealthMosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects. They buzz in your ear, swarm in the thousands, and leave nasty itchy bites. Beyond just being annoying, mosquitoes are also a serious health hazard. Mosquitoes carry a variety of serious illnesses and in Maryland, they have become a public health crisis. That is why mosquito control is essential to your health.

How Is A Mosquito A Health Hazard?

Mosquitoes carry a range of serious illnesses in Maryland. These illnesses range in severity from mild to life-threatening and include:

• West Nile Virus: A bite from an infected mosquito is the leading cause for West Nile Virus, a severe illness affecting the central nervous system.
• Zika Virus: If a mosquito has transferred the Zika virus to you, you can experience a rash, fever, conjunctivitis and joint pain. Zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women, causing severe birth defects.
• Chikungunya: Chikungunya has symptoms that are very similar to Zika. It is not a terminal disease, but it can leave victims with lifelong joint pain.
• Skeeter: This is an allergic reaction to the proteins that are in the saliva of mosquitoes. This allergic reaction results in redness, painful swell, and severe itching.

All of these illnesses are present in Baltimore County and none of them have any cure.

Why Mosquito Control Is A Year-Round Process

Many people think mosquitoes only thrive in the summer. However, in counties like Howard, Baltimore, and Anne Arundel, mosquito season lasts from early spring to late fall. Mosquitoes thrive in Maryland because of the heavy rains and lots of standing water. Mosquitoes use standing water to reproduce and the average female can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. The combination of the prevalence of mosquitoes and the serious disease make mosquito control a major priority for Maryland residents.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

Getting rid of mosquitoes requires more than just one single treatment. To effectively rid your property of mosquitoes, you will need to routinely maintain your landscaping to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing. Then you will also need to have a barrier spray treatment performed at least every three weeks by a professional exterminator.

To ensure that your family is protected from illness, speak to the experts at BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control Inc. We will assess your property and help put together a long-term strategy to keep the mosquitoes away year-round. Set an appointment with us today to learn more!

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