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Mosquito Control For Inside Of The Home

Mosquito Control For Inside Of The HomeWhen we talk about mosquitoes and prevention, we often discuss methods of keeping the mosquitoes away from us outdoors. However, they can also become a problem indoors as well. So, today we will talk about mosquito control inside of the home and what you can do to protect yourself.

Start with Outdoors

It might sound redundant, but the best place to start is still going to be outdoors. If they aren’t out there, they won’t be trying to find a way to get inside the home. So, to control them outdoors, remove any standing water, and repair any broken screens you have.

Killing Mosquitoes Indoors

Here are a few ways to kill mosquitoes that have already made their way inside the home:

Insecticides and Sprays

If you have a lot of mosquitoes indoors, then you may need to use a fogger or some kind of indoor insect spray to kill the mosquitoes and treat the areas where they frequented. These products often work immediately but also need to be reapplied in order to continue working.

Whenever you use any kind of insecticide, you also want to be sure to fully read and understand the instructions and always follow the directions exactly as they are written on the label.

Camphor Oil

This has also been found to be a long-lasting repellent that can work indoors for mosquito control. Simply light the camphor in a room with all the doors and windows closed. Leave it for up to 20 minutes, and your room will be mosquito-free. Camphor tablets can also be used and can be left to evaporate over time.


Garlic has a very strong smell and is something mosquitoes hate. To use this as a mosquito repellent indoors, boil garlic cloves in water and then pour the water into a spray bottle. You can then spray it around the room to prevent any mosquitoes from coming near you.

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has both antibacterial and antifungal properties and is more than effective at fighting off mosquitoes. The smell will keep them away. Simply put a few drops in oil and apply the mixture to your skin as a more natural repellent.

Call the Mosquito Control Experts

If you have tried these home remedies and still have a mosquito control problem, then you need to call in the experts. They can rid you of the mosquito problem quickly and efficiently while offering advice on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

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