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Making Sense Of A Mole Infestation

Making Sense Of A Mole InfestationMoles are those small, burrowing animals who have poor eyesight. They can grow to be between 6 and 12 inches in length and are mostly known as being annoying garden pests that tear up the lawn and cause damage. This is why early detection of a mole infestation is key to preventing significant damage as well as saving your sanity.

A Look at Molehills

Molehills are going to be the first indicator that you may have a mole infestation on your property. These hills form as the moles tunnel their way underground. You will begin to notice small piles of dirt on your lawn that are probably going to be a few inches high. This is the dirt that the moles remove as they tunnel their way underground.

A Look at Tunnels

Even though the burrowing happens underground, it can still disrupt the ground above. The tunnels will appear as long, raised runs through the yard. If it is a feeder tunnel, where the moles eat, the tunnels will be much closer to the surface. The tunnels rarely go straight; they are often curved with many turns along the way because they are on the hunt for food.

Damage Caused By Moles

The burrowing habits of moles can cause damage to your grass and flowers and can also tear up tree roots. Their tunnels can also cause problems with land irrigation and provide easy access for other rodents and pests to reach your garden and lawn as well.

A more widespread mole infestation can cause soil contamination, and sprinkler systems can become damaged. Overall, it will make your lawn and garden less attractive, less functional, and can cause significant damage overall.

But Why?

Now you are probably asking, why me? Why did the moles choose my yard in particular? It is a fair question. One of the main reasons a mole invades a specific yard is because they are on the hunt for food. Their primary food source are earthworms, grubs, and other lawn insects.

They also love soft and damp earth, which is usually caused by overwatering the lawn. So, to combat a mole infestation, you want to make sure your lawn stays as pest-free as possible, and the ground stays on the dry side.

Call The Experts For Your Mole Infestation

If you feel that the mole infestation is severe and you need help getting rid of them, don’t hesitate to call in your local extermination company to come in and help you and offer advice on how to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

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