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Listen To The Pest Control Experts Before They Arrive

Listen To The Pest Control Experts Before They ArriveThe road to retaking your home back from pests is not a short one. Once you realize that you have a problem, calling the pest control experts doesn’t mean that they show up within minutes of your call, do their work in an hour or two, hand you a bill and you resume your life. Getting rid of pests in your home is a medium to long term effort. And while the pest control team is the biggest “moving part” in this effort, they’re not the only the one, and the long term success of this pest control attempt is entirely dependent on what you, as the homeowner, do before and after the treatments begin.


Preparation Is Essential


Different pest infestations will require different types of treatment and preparation. If you have roaches in your home, this is a very different situation from having termites in the wooden structural components of your home. And both of these situations do not have the same specific needs as when residents find out that bed bugs have infested the furniture.

In these different cases, what will happen is an expert will come over for an assessment at your request if you suspect a pest infestation. Once that expert has evaluated your situation and agreed that you need help they can give, a schedule will be planned out to begin the pest control process. In addition making sure your schedule can accommodate this, you should also follow the advice your pest control experts give you on how to prepare your home. Bed bugs, for example may call for a thorough washing of bed linens, vacuuming of picture frames and other furnishings where a colony may have taken root. Termite preparation might involve moving any furniture away from walls so as to make it easier for pest control teams to get at portions of the house they need to fumigate.

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