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Do You Know What Termite Damage Looks Like?

do-you-know-what-termite-damage-looks- likeOne thing that any homeowner fears is the discovery that termites have infested the wood in a home. If your home has a lot of wood used in its structure, which is more likely for older homes, the fear is even bigger. But while the fear of termites in a home is definitely legitimate, do you actually know how to spot termites in your home? There are a few simple tricks and investigative techniques you can use to help track down termites if you think you have them.

The Knock Test


One of the simplest tests to do this is simply knocking on what you know to be solid wood. If you have any posts, joists or beams that make up part of your home’s foundation or structure, for example, simply take a “running test” of knocking along these pieces of wood. They are all supposed to be solid, so if your knock changes in quality to indicate a hollow space, that’s trouble. A supporting wood structure should NEVER be built hollow, so if it is now, that can mean only one thing.

Tunnels On The Side Of Your Home


If you’ve contracted termites from the outside, they’ll usually try to build a “connecting tunnel” between their original, underground colony and the new one they’re building in your home. These tunnels look a bit like “veins” that run up the side of your home and into the wood. A careful inspection of the lower exterior end of your home should quickly reveal whether these are present or not.


Water Damage That Isn’t Water


If you start noticing swollen wood, buckling wood, or even a smell reminiscent of mildew or mold in these areas, that’s also another sign. As termite damage gets more extensive, it can often resemble water damage just under the surface of wood. Keep an eye out for these signs!

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