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Keeping The Mosquitoes At Bay

Mosquito Control Service - Keeping The Mosquitoes At Bay Mosquitos are definitely a nuisance but they can also be dangerous so it is important to understand the importance of keeping the mosquitoes at bay as much as possible. In addition to calling a licensed and professional mosquito control service to help remedy the problem, there are also a few more natural ways you can deal with the mosquitoes at home as well.

Singed Coffee Grounds

Who doesn’t have leftover coffee grounds? Instead of throwing them out, place them in a small bowl, dry them out, and then place that bowl in an area where the mosquitoes are the most annoying. You can then singe some of those coffee grounds and the smell of caffeine will keep them at bay.

Essential Oil Sprays

We have all heard the amazing benefits derived from essential oils. But did you know they can also be effective against mosquitoes? Lavender, peppermint, and thyme are some of the more popular essential oils used to keep mosquitoes away.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets actually contain two different chemicals that have proven to be effective at keeping both gnats and mosquitoes away. These two chemicals are linalool and citronellol. So, to keep mosquitoes at bay while you are outdoors, keep a dryer sheet in your pocket.


Basil, rosemary, and sage are just a few ideas of which plants you can use in your yard to help keep the mosquitoes at bay. They have scents that the mosquitoes hate but will be pleasant for you and your guests.

Garlic Cloves

You can also boil some crushed garlic cloves for approximately twenty minutes to make a very pungent smelling garlic water. You can then bottle that garlic water and spray it in areas where the mosquitoes love to hang out.
If you aren’t a fan of garlic, you can also use apple cider vinegar and make your own mosquito repellent by combining the vinegar with witch hazel and citronella oils.

Call A Mosquito Control Service For Help

As you can see, there are many things you can do with items lying around the home to help keep the mosquitoes at bay and keep them from ruining any time you want to spend outdoors. It never hurts to also call in a mosquito control service when things seem to be getting bad around the home as well to cover all your bases and avoid bigger problems later.

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