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It’s That Time Of Year Again

Pest Control Services In Maryland - It’s That Time Of Year AgainWith several weeks of warm weather chasing the winter away, it’s safe to say that spring is transitioning, and the longer, hotter, more humid days of summer are here. That means that homeowners should now prepare for what is the busiest time of the year when it comes to certain pests. On the plus side, you are less likely to encounter some pests. On the minus side, however, you may be bringing some into your own home and need pest control services in Maryland.

Why You Need Pest Control Services In maryland

Rodent Populations Shrink

The one pest you can worry about less during the summer is rodents. Given a choice, mice, for example, prefer the grasses, fields and open spaces of the outdoors. Now that the weather is warm, and the plants are getting tall, there’s more coverage, and the outdoors are safer.

This is usually the time when households are at far less risk of rodent infestations. Of course, if you leave a lot of food lying around and accessible, this might still lure mice or rats back to your home.

Stinging Insects

This is going to be the biggest threat since bees, wasps, and hornets are all much more active during the summer. Keep an eye out for these insects, but more importantly, keep an eye out for their hives. There’s nothing wrong with running into the occasional honeybee that is minding its own business. Even finding a hornet or wasp is more of an annoyance than a major threat.

However, if your home, or some other part of your property, such as a tree or shed, has been selected for building a hive, your home is at much greater risk now. While you can try to get rid of a hive yourself, pest control services in Maryland are the safest way to deal with this threat.


Of course, the most common pest threat to people in the summer is the annual resurgence of mosquitos. Not only are these bloodsucking parasites irritating due to the itchy discomfort their bites causes, in the worst case scenario, they can also pass along diseases.

Pest control services in Maryland can be an essential part of health and safety when there’s a large mosquito infestation. Illnesses passed on by mosquitos can accelerate quickly, so if you see many mosquitos in your area, consider taking action.

Bed Bugs

These almost always come into a home because the homeowners themselves, or visitors they invite, have brought them in. Bed bugs are “traveling insects,” meaning that you can go on a trip on the other side of the world, have bed bugs crawl into your luggage in Europe, or Asia, and bring those same bed bugs across oceans and right into your home.


Another pest that is commonly brought in is the tick. These summer insects wait on grass for larger organisms, such as dogs, or people, to go walking by. When these mammals brush against the grass, the ticks hitch a ride, and once brought into the home, like bed bugs, they feed on their host.

So keep an eye out! Summer is here, and that means pest control services in Maryland may need to help you with an infestation problem.

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