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Is There Something Hiding Under Your Bed?

Maryland Exterminators - Is There Something Hiding Under Your Bed?No, this post is not about ghosts, clowns, spirits, or other things of that nature hiding under one’s bed. Rather, it is about some pesky, minuscule insects that like to feed on blood. It only fits to discuss bed bugs as plenty of people likely headed out of town at the beginning of this month for the 4th of July. Some folks drove for hours on end and probably stayed overnight with friends or family members. However, others took flights to visit various locations and slept overnight in hotels.

As such, it is possible that bed bugs could have hitched a ride with them back home. The creepy-crawlers are hard to spot. They hide under mattresses, attach themselves to clothing, and crawl into luggage. Then, before a homeowner even knows it, they have an infestation on their hands in the blink of an eye. While hostels and hotels get much of the attention when it comes to these insects, they can be found in other places too such as…

• Airports
• College Dorms
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Homeless Shelters And More

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The eggs of these insects are typically located in 10 to 50 count clusters. These eggs are very, very small only measuring about 1/32 of an inch. After hatching, the nymphs resemble adults, but they are colorless. Once bed bugs become all grown up, they turn a reddish-brown shade and oval shape. They grow to between 1/4 and 3/4-inches in length before feeding. After feasting on blood, they become engorged and dark red.

Do Bed Bug Bites Hurt?

This question does not always come with a straightforward answer. Some people don’t feel a thing and do not even realize they served as a blood meal. Meanwhile, on other occasions, persons experience symptoms such as…

• Burning/Painful Sensations
• Tiny Red Bumps Surrounded By Blisters Or Hives
• Bites Arranged In A Rough Line Or Cluster Pattern

The only thing these pests have going for them is that they are not known carriers of diseases. Hence, if a person does sustain a bite, they won’t contract an illness. Still, that is no reason to live with these nuisances.

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