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The Ins And Outs Of Ants That Come Inside Maryland Homes

ant control serviceInsects find their way into the home in various ways, and for many different reasons. They often hitch rides on pant legs and pet fur, without the person, or animal, even being aware of their existence. On other occasions, the pests find their way inside by accident while searching for food. Many ant species call Maryland home, but only a couple of them tend to invade the home. Pharoah ants are tiny and tend to grow to between 1/16 and 3/32-inches in length. These little creatures can typically be found on surfaces around a kitchen, or bathroom faucet, which is utilized as their water source. They feed on sweets, other insects, and fatty foods. The ants prefer warmer climates, but also enjoy coming inside a warm home with its thermostat keeping rooms at a comfortable 80 to 86-degrees Fahrenheit.

Pharoah ants do not bite, and they are strictly a nuisance more than anything. They move swiftly between locations, and attempting to exterminate the colony with insecticides may cause it to split. Therefore, baiting is often the method of choice for eliminating the pests from the premises by professionals and homeowners alike. If you live in Glen Burnie, or another surrounding area, don’t let these ants make you feel like screaming, shouting, and throwing a tantrum. Instead, contact our office for a free consultation, and find out your pest control options.

Carpenter ants inside the home are also considered nuisances. However, when they decide to nest in its wood, the structure can obtain lasting damages. Most homeowners will run across workers that grow between 1/4 and 1/2-inches in length. These ants do not feed on the wood, but they do use it in their nest building process. They eat many of the same foods that humans enjoy, including, but not limited to, fats, proteins, sweets, and also other insects. These pests do not sting or pass along venom, but they can give skin a nip with their powerful jaws. Carpenter ants travel great distances on any given day, so just spotting a couple does not mean there is an infestation.

They build tunnels through wood, usually starting in moistened areas, then working their way into solid boards. These tubes are smooth and kept clean of debris and excrement. Fine sawdust around excavation holes are a typical sign of the pests being present, but this indicator is not always the easiest to spot. Allow our technicians to investigate the situation thoroughly, and eliminate the threat to your home before it causes significant destruction.

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