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Inner Cities Need Exterminators, Too

Bug Control Experts - Inner Cities Need Exterminators, TooWhen it comes to pests, there’s a world of difference between an inner city neighborhood in Baltimore and an outer-ring suburb like Glen Burnie. When you’re at the edge of a metro area, you’re a lot closer to the forests, swamps, and ponds where pest insects often come from. You’re much more likely to get a tick on a trip down a forest lane than you are on a sidewalk, and while termites can strike anywhere it’s much easier for them to spread out of a forest where they can find plenty to eat.

However, central Baltimore neighborhoods still have their fair share of pests. While some bugs and other pests are easier to find in a suburb, others are more common in the urban jungle. For instance, cockroaches prefer warm, dark places where they can scavenge in peace. It’s certainly possible for cockroaches to live outside, but they thrive in a kitchen where food is easy to scavenge. They can also fit into tiny cracks, so once cockroaches enter an apartment complex they can easily spread into every apartment in the same building. That’s when you need to find some Baltimore bug control experts.

Another inner-city pest to watch for is the rat. As a mammal, rats can learn and adapt in a way insects can’t, and they aren’t picky about what they eat. Both rats and cockroaches can spread disease, so it’s never a good idea to share a meal with them. Instead, you should contact an effective pest control service.

Then there are bed bugs. Bed bugs have been on the rise in the past few years, and their usual strategy is to hide under mattresses, sofas, and nearby furniture and only come out when they sense that you’re asleep. They can then spread to new beds by hitching a ride on your clothing. You’ll need some professional Baltimore bug control experts to deal with bed bugs if you want to be sure they won’t come back.

At Bugout Termite and Pest Control, we offer Baltimore bug control experts for all the communities in our service area. Whether you own a home, manage a rental property, or need to clear pests out of a factory or office, Bugout is up to the job.

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