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How To Tell The Difference Between A BudBug And A Flea Bite

Maryland Exterminators - Difference Between BudBug And Flea BiteBed bugs and fleas have a lot in common. They look pretty similar, they both feed on blood, and they are both difficult to get rid of when they infest your home. As a result, often times when customers call us they don’t know if they have fleas or bed bugs infesting their homes. So here’s a guide to help you determine if you are being attacked by bedbugs or fleas.

How To Identify A Bedbug Bite

Bedbugs mainly attack at nighttime and bite when you are sleeping. They will bite you anywhere but tend to bite areas that are exposed. Bedbug bites don’t usually hurt, but they leave itchy, painful bumps. They tend to pierce your skin and feed up to ten minutes. Then they will move on to another area and feed again. As a result, their bites usually show up in a line or a zigzag pattern on your skin.

How To Identify A Flea Bite

Flea bites look a lot like mosquito bites. They result in a large red bump surrounded by a white halo. They are also very itchy and painful to the touch. They tend to bite people around their ankles and legs. They will often bite people several times and leave multiple bites in no discernible pattern.

The Key Differences Between Bedbug And Flea Bites

If you still are unsure, if your bite is from a flea or a bedbug here are some key differences:

● Fleas tend to only bite on the lower body, so if you have bites on your upper body, it’s probably a bedbug
● Flea bites itch immediately, while many people don’t have any reaction to bedbugs besides the small marks
● Flea bites have a red center and bedbug bites do not

Whether your bites are from fleas or bedbugs, you may be facing a pretty serious problem.

What Do I Do If I Am Bitten By A Pest? Call Maryland Exterminators Today

If you have been bitten by either, it’s a good idea to speak to a medical professional. Fleas can spread illnesses and parasites and trigger some pretty severe allergic reactions. Bedbugs don’t spread any pathologies, but can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes. After speaking with your doctor, you will want to call Maryland exterminators that specialize in flea and bedbug eradication. Both fleas and bedbugs are really difficult to get rid of once they have infested your home. They are relatively impervious to storebought products and will only continue to reproduce and return.

When calling Maryland exterminators to handle your flea or bedbug problem, make sure to call BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control. We offer transparent pricing and will be honest about the extent of your infestation. We’ll put together a comprehensive plan to not only get rid of the bugs now and into the future, but to identify and remediate the cause of the pests in the first place. Our helpful Maryland exterminators will go over your options and find the right solution for your pest problems.

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