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How To Exterminate Ticks Around Your Property

How To Exterminate Ticks Around Your PropertyTicks are a nasty insect that can transmit disease to your family. Unlike other pests, they have to live off blood to survive. Meaning they don’t just bite you and move on. Once they find a host, they will grab on and continue to feed. During this process, their bite can become filled with a variety of diseases that can have life-threatening consequences. In order to prevent getting these illnesses, you need to exterminate ticks around your property.

Types Of Maryland Ticks

In Maryland, there are five main species of disease-carrying ticks including:

• The Lone Star Tick: This tick can transfer Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to its host.
• American Dog Tick: Also known as a wood tick, their preferred feeding ground is your dog. It is a source of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
• Deer Tick: The deer tick is a primary cause for the spread of Lyme disease.
• Gulf Coast Tick: These ticks are commonly found in coastal uplands and include cities such as Baltimore and Annapolis and counties like Howard. They also carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
• Brown dog tick: While this trick prefers to feed on dogs, it can still spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and also several canine diseases such as babesiosis that affects red blood cells and canine Lyme disease. These pests live all year round.

As you can see, these ticks can be a serious health hazard to not only you and your family, but your beloved pets as well.

Why Do I Need To Exterminate Ticks On My Property?

Many people think you can only get ticks when you go hiking in the woods outside of the city. However, ticks can live anywhere there are high grasses and lots of vegetation, even in downtown Baltimore. No matter what your property is like, you need to be mindful of the risks of ticks. The best thing you can do to prevent these illnesses is have your property treated by a professional exterminator. They will not only exterminate the ticks, but will help you come up with landscape strategies that will prevent ticks from coming onto your property.

At BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control, we have a variety of affordable strategies to help exterminate ticks on your property. Not only will we make sure your property is free of ticks, we’ll help maintain preventative strategies to keep them away. Don’t risk catching one of these terrible tick-borne illnesses. Instead call the experts at 410-760-6065 to learn more and get a free quote.

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