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How Do You Get Roaches?

It’s become such a staple of film and television that many Americans now have erroneous perception of them; those scenes of dirty homes or apartments with roaches in them. No one likes roaches, but thanks to the effectiveness of the entertainment industry, many people now assume that it is only dirty residences that can have a roach problem.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. Any home can potentially play host to roaches, but how does it happen in the first place?

Hardy Travelers

Cockroaches, unfortunately, can come from just about anywhere. They are an extremely hardy species and can go for surprising amounts of time without obvious sources of food and water. One of the most common ways that a roach enters a home is through a cardboard box. A roach may have gotten into the packaging of a retail product in the warehouse, or maybe even at the store. When you buy that product and bring it home, you may have brought the roach with you.

They can even hide in grocery bags as your food is packed for you at the store and you bring it home. They can come from the home or your neighbor, or, if you live in a multi-residence dwelling like an apartment building, can easily come from someone else’s unit.

Roaches prefer warm, moist places, and this can often mean that you’ll get roaches in your home from the one place you can’t guard against; the sewers. This is especially true if you send food on a regular basis down your kitchen sink, which can create a trail of food from the sewer that leads all the way back to your house.

All of which is to say that if you find you have roaches in your home, that doesn’t mean your home is a pig sty! But it does mean you may have a health hazard, and you might need to professionals to make your home safe again.

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