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How Do Pros Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

How Do Pros Get Rid Of Garrison Bed Bugs? - Pest ControlThe bed bug is one of the more difficult pests to get rid of. In fact, Garrison bed bugs can be so tough that some people, when they find out they have them in their home, give up and put a mattress out, warning others that if they think they’re getting a free mattress, what they’re really doing is bringing bed bugs into their home.

So while a professional response to getting rid of Garrison bed bugs is a good idea, how exactly are the pros doing it?

Insecticides Can Work On Garrison Bed Bugs

One of the reasons that bed bugs are making a resurgence is because the USA stopped using DDT in 1972. DDT has been linked to an increase in Alzheimer’s disease in people, so obviously, this was a good call, but there are other insecticides that professionals can use.

The important factor when using insecticides is to make sure that all possible areas are covered. The big mistake amateurs make in trying to get rid of Garrison bed bugs is assuming they’re only in the bed. They can be in nightstands, picture frames, and any place near where people or animals stop moving for long periods of time.

The Heat Treatment

Bed bugs, however, are extremely vulnerable to heat. By raising the temperature in the environment to 150°F for 90 minutes, this can kill every bed bug in the area and, more importantly, can also kill their eggs as well, which may sometimes survive fumigation.

This is why sometimes it’s suggested putting furniture suspected to house bed bugs in a “heat chamber” to get rid of the pest. However, specialized units can do the same thing for entire rooms, though of course, pets and materials sensitive to the heat of 150°F should be removed before such Garrison bed bug treatment takes place.

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