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Have You Capped Your Chimney?

 Have You Capped Your Chimney?Unless you’ve had a brand new home built for yourself before you moved in, the majority of home owners in Maryland in detached residences still live in structures with a chimney. Of course, most homeowners don’t even use the chimney anymore as fireplaces have gone out of heavy usage, and often been bricked up. Some homeowners, of course, still prefer to use their chimneys from time to time enjoying a fire during the winter months.

But in either case, there is one thing you should do to minimize the number of pests your home plays host to, and that is cap your chimney.


Not An Airtight Seal


The phrase “cap your chimney” is a bit misleading, in that some people imagine a solid cover that is placed directly on top of the chimney. That’s not actually true. Since many chimneys may still be in use as an “exhaust port” for heating, or even for regular use of the fireplace, a chimney cap is actually just a very fine mesh/grate. It allows for air to continue to flow. However, it provides an impenetrable physical barrier to pests, such as birds, raccoons and bats.

This means that once you have the chimney cap in place, you’ve created one less access point for certain types of pests to make their home in. This helps your home in two ways. The first and most obvious is that it prevents infestations from larger pests. This, in turn can make your home a safer, healthier place. A raccoon with an illness for example, deciding to make its home in your chimney can pose a health risk, especially if waste from that raccoon and its family starts to spread back down into your home itself, with possible contagions.

If you have a chimney, and it’s not capped, consider getting this done for a bit of added peace of mind.

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