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Green Roofs Tend To Attract Pests – Pest Magnets

Green Roofs Tend To Attract Pests Green roofs are a growing trend in the housing industry. Vegetation covers these roofs, which can help with drainage and many other issues. Although they initially gained notoriety for their use in healthcare buildings across the country, they have since become an attractive option for homeowners, especially those who live in a townhouse or row home in Baltimore.

These roofs can be an attractive option for numerous reasons. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can provide emotional and social benefits as well. They are also beneficial for the environment, especially in cities where air pollution is such a concern. But before planting a green roof, you should be aware that they attract pests. However, with proper pest care management, this should not be a big problem.


Pests That Are A Problem


Green roofs can be a magnet for numerous different pests. Regarding rodents, mice and rats would be your biggest problem. You would also be inviting plant-feeding pests to your building, such as caterpillars and beetles. Many others who have had green roofs have discovered that ants were also a problem.
You should also be wary about stinging pests, such as

• Hornets
• Wasps
• Bees
• Yellow Jackets

Although a green roof may be inviting these pests and rodents to your building, proper maintenance and care can prevent them from becoming a more significant problem.


Do Your Research Before Building


If you are considering installing a green roof on top of your Baltimore home or office building, be sure to contact the local pest control experts at BUGOUT. BUGOUT has served the greater Baltimore area for 30 years, making us particularly knowledgeable about species native to Maryland.

We will work with you to identify what pests and rodents could be an issue if you were to install a green roof, and what measures we could take to help prevent those pests from becoming a problem.

Feel free to contact us: 410-760-6065 info@bugoutinc.com