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Good Winter Maintenance Is Good Pest Control

good-winter-maintenance-is-good-pest-controlNow that the turkey has been consumed, and people have soaked their feet in hot water after surviving getting repeatedly stepped on during the annual Black Friday stampede, it’s time to gear up for the last big, holiday stretch. We’re in the depths of winter now, with shorter days, Christmas and New Year still on the way. You may think that you can rest easy now when it comes to pests. But that’s only true in the sense that there are fewer pests about, not that there isn’t a risk of still getting pests.

Depending on how the weather plays out in Maryland, we can get some pleasant mild winters here, or get a bit of snow and cold that can keep us indoors for quite some time. The problem is the very same reasons we stay inside are the same reasons that some pests will come into your home for warmth, shelter, and maybe a little food.

We have a few suggestions for home maintenance tips you should be undertaking anyway, but our suggestions have more of a pest control aspect to them.


Keep Wood Away From Your Home – Pest Control


For people who still love having an actual wood burning fireplace to enjoy in the winter, that means you’ll need a woodpile somewhere nearby. Our piece of advice is: don’t let that woodpile sit too close to your home.

Both ants and mice tend to view a big collection of firewood as shelter, since it can provide a break from the wind, and even a little bit of marginal warmth versus total exposure to the elements. However, if you keep a woodpile within easy reach of your door, that physical proximity to the home makes the home itself a natural next target for exploration.

It’s recommended that if you do have wood, make the “tough call” and place it a bit further away, at least 20 feet from your home. It means a little bit more a walk, and that’s definitely less pleasant if there’s snow on the ground. But remember; if it’s no fun for you, it’s also no fun for that termite colony or mouse that’s looking for better shelter.


Eliminate Moisture Areas


All pests need three things in varying degrees: warmth, food, and water. Of all of these things, water is the one that pests absolutely cannot do without. They’ll die if they don’t get it. If you have any out of the way parts of your home, such as a crawlspace where water or sewage pipes are installed, make sure these places are dry. A leak in a water or sewage pipe, for example, means accessible water. Even if that water may not necessarily be potable, such as sewage water, it still provides an ample water supply for something like cockroaches, which can flourish if given even the slightest quarter, like a constant drip of water to drink from.

By taking care of things around the house that keep your home in good condition, you also reduce the chances of making that home more attractive to pests.

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