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Getting Creative In The Fight Against Stink Bugs

Every winter, hundreds of thousands of Maryland homeowners deal with brown marmorated stink bugs. The annoying bug originally came to the United States via a port in Philadelphia and quickly spread through the Mid-Atlantic. They will eat any vegetation and have been a nightmare for farmers. Recently, researchers have been trying to find new ways to fight the stink bug.

What Have Researchers Discovered?

Currently, graduate students at Virginia Tech are studying the bug’s behavior. Professor of Entomology Thom Kuhar said students “have noticed that bugs will move up. When they land on a structure they will crawl upwards until they basically hit something that stops their progress and then they start searching for a crevice…. (the bug are) attracted to dark spaces because they’re looking to find a place to overwinter.” His students realized that a lamp trap won’t work because it’s not light that the bugs seek this time of year.

U.S. Department of Agriculture entomology researcher Tracey Lesky also ran a study “to find out if spiders around people’s homes can attack, retain in their webs and consume brown marmorated stink bugs.” Lesky said that her team “found a couple of groups of spiders that do a pretty good job with it.”

There are other insects that may be able to help in the fight against the stink bug. Katydids eat the stink bugs in trees. There is also a non-stinging wasp that’s a parasitoid, the Samurai wasp. It attacks the eggs of the brown marmorated stink bug.

Scientists have also experimented with the use of pheromones, the chemical released by the bugs when trying to attract a mate. Researchers have combined pheromones with pesticides to hopefully lure, and then kill, the bugs.

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