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German Cockroaches: One Guest You Don’t Want At Oktoberfest

 German Cockroaches: One Guest You Don’t Want At OktoberfestThere are four species of cockroaches that can be found in and around buildings in Maryland. The one that strikes the most fear in homeowners from Baltimore to Annapolis is the German cockroach. Unlike the other types of roaches, the German cockroach lacks the natural proteins in their bodies to keep them warm in the cooler weather. With the weather turning chilly, they might try to invade your home for warmth, food, and fellowship this October.

Easy Transport, Easy Breeding

German cockroaches very active and are easy to transport, as they hide in cardboard boxes and can move through very small spaces. They are easy to identify: Medium-brown, with two black stripes that run along the pronotum (head covering). Adults can range from 5/8 inches to ½ inch in length.

The thing that makes German cockroaches more dangerous than other varieties is their ability to breed quickly. While most cockroaches take up to a year before they can reproduce, young German cockroaches become reproductive in just over one month. With the ability to produce 30-48 eggs at a time, just one roach can lead to an infestation quickly.

Keeping Them Out

To lessen your chance at enticing a German cockroach into your home, be sure to:

• Wash dishes regularly; do not allow dirty dishes to sit in the sink overnight.
• Keep food in tightly closed containers.
• Change garbage and wipe down counters regularly.
• Vacuum and mop floors often.
• Seal cracks around outside of the home.

Always be sure to check boxes for sneaky travelers when they come into your home.

Leave It To The Pros

Due to the health risks that are associated with cockroaches, such as severe allergic reactions, spread of disease, and increased severity of asthma symptoms, they should be eliminated as soon as possible. Though you might be tempted to try to get rid of them on your own; don’t. German cockroaches are a serious pest, and professional pest control services can kill and remove them faster, more safely, and more efficiently than a DIY recipe.

We’re no stranger to roaches of all types, and we know how to get them out before the infestation gets out of control. For all of your pest removal needs, contact a company who has been doing it for over 30 years to keep you and your family safe.

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