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Fruit Flies: Annoying Things Can Come In Small Packages

Fruit Flies: Annoying Things Can Come In Small PackagesFruit flies can be annoying. If you’ve ever had a brown-spotted banana, or a bowl of apples on your kitchen counter, you’ve likely been plagued by them. Usually, once you remove the fruit, the fruit flies disappear into thin air. They aren’t limited to fruit, however, and when they don’t disappear, you can run into trouble.

The Sweet Stuff

Fruit flies are attracted to sugars, but they absolutely love it when sugars ferment and turn into alcohol. This means that anything that has sugars and alcohol can be on their menu, including empty beer and soda cans. They like soft and rotting fruit and vegetables because they don’t have teeth and can slurp up the liquid easily. The grossest thing about this is that if they breach the outer skin of a soft fruit or vegetable, they can deposit their eggs without anyone ever knowing it.

The Not-Sweet-Stuff

Fruit flies can also build nests in (and lay eggs on) surfaces that are far from sweet. You can find them in garbage cans, on dirty cleaning rags, and near buckets of wastewater. They only need a small amount of moisture to survive and thrive. Sink drains are great breeding grounds, due to moisture and excess food droppings. You might believe that the water would wash them away, they are hardy little creatures.

The Sick Factor

Fruit flies don’t bite, but they can still make you sick. Like flies, they land on garbage and other surfaces that can harbor bacteria. The bacteria can stick to them and be deposited on your fruit, counter, and food, which can make you sick if ingested. Not to mention the stomach distress that can occur if they lay their eggs in the piece of fruit that you’re about to eat.

The Solution

Reduce your chances of illness and annoyance that fruit flies can bring by:

• Removing spilled or dropped food.
• Cleaning all surfaces like countertops and cupboards regularly.
• Flushing out sinks and drains with cleaning fluid.
• Removing food that can attract fruit flies.

And if you need any help with any kind of pest infestation, call the pros at Bugout. We can handle the smallest nuisance (even fruit flies) before it can create havoc in your home.

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