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Fight Off Mosquito Bites This Summer

Glen Burnie Mosquito Control - Fight Off Mosquito Bites This SummerWith summer here, one of the seasons inevitable visitors returns, and that is mosquitos on patrol. Glen Burnie mosquito control is important because a large population of mosquitos can mean a greater chance of some illness like West Nile Fever, being transmitted.

But people only get sick if they get bitten by mosquitos. So how can you prevent this from happening? One sure fire way is to stay indoors, but for most people, avoiding the great weather of summer isn’t really an option, so what else can you do?

Wear Light Colored Clothing

Mosquitos do use their vision to orient themselves, navigate, and pick out potential food sources. If you have no fashion objections, or if comfort is just more important than style, think about wearing light colored clothing. Mosquitos are attracted to darker colors, so wearing darker clothes makes you more of a target.

Avoid Dusk & Dawn

This might be tricky for some participating in all-day, outdoor events, but the prime feeding times for mosquitos, when they are at their most numerous is with changing of the sun’s position. Dusk and dawn are when the greatest number of mosquitos are out to feed, so if you want to save yourself some bites, sit out the sunrise, or sunset, and only come out later when full day or night.

Glen Burnie Mosquito Control Uses Repellant

The most effective way to keep the mosquitos off is to use a repellant of some sort. Store bought repellants containing DEET are the most effective, but if you didn’t bring that, there are some substitutes. Victoria Secret’s “Bombshell” perfume, for example, is a surprisingly effective deterrent, at least for a few hours. This may be especially important for people with blood type “O” as mosquitos are especially attracted to this blood type!

Prevention is always helpful, but remember that just because you didn’t get bitten, doesn’t mean you should bring in some Glen Burnie mosquito control to keep disease transmission to a minimum.

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