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Exterminate Rodents Before They Drive Your Customers Away

Exterminate Rodents Before They Drive Your Customers AwayMaryland restaurant and business owners should call our professional team at the first sign of a rodent’s presence to avoid the consequences associated with customer’s seeing them. Watching a mouse or rat scurry along the baseboard while enjoying a delicious meal does not do much for return business. In fact, it will have the opposite effect and send consumers to other locations for their needs. These types of instances may even result in lawsuits, health code violations, and more, so keep your business thriving and exterminate these pests as quickly as possible.

Two Common Rodents Maryland Business Owners Might Find Lurking In The Shadows

What separates a rat from a mouse? The brief glance that they usually give a person suggests that there is not much that distinguishes one from the other, but looking for a few characteristics of the common house mouse and the Norway rat will allow you to tell the difference between the two. As fall approaches, these rodents manage to find their way inside for food and shelter, so now is the time to be on the lookout for the pests.

The common house mouse has a triangular shaped head that is small in comparison to the body. They have a small and narrow muzzle with long whiskers extending on the sides. These pests also have large ears, and a tail that is thin and approximately the same length as the body. The mice like to nibble from one food source to the next and cause supplies to dwindle quickly. Their small feet also contaminate foods with bacteria, feces, and more that lead to illnesses spreading to humans.

Norway rats are much larger in comparison to mice. They have short, thick tails that are smaller than their body, and much bigger feet than a common house mouse. The muzzle will look blunt and broad, while also containing whiskers extending from the sides. Typical litters include anywhere between seven and nine young, but a single female is capable of giving birth up to twelve times a year. The population can grow at a rapid pace and become an infestation in the blink of an eye.

Traps, baits, and various other tools are available to business owners to eliminate these nuisances, but sometimes the battle becomes too stressful to handle. Allow our professionals to help you through your crisis, and learn why residents and business owners alike trust us to rid their property of insects, pests, rodents, and more.

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