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Everything You Need To Know About The Coming Lanternfly Infestation

 Everything You Need To Know About The Coming Lanternfly InfestationLast year, Pennsylvania experienced an infestation of the spotted lanternfly. This summer, the lanternfly is poised to enter Maryland and cause widespread damage. Lanternflies prey on important agricultural crops but were also a hassle to homeowners. Many homeowners say their landscaping wrecked by lanternflies. On top of that, many found their patio furniture and decks to be covered in a noxious goo. With the incoming infestation, here’s what you need to know to protect your property from this dangerous pest.


What Is The Spotted Lanternfly?


The spotted lanternfly is a bug native to China, Vietnam, and India. It arrived in Pennsylvania on a shipment from containing eggs. Those eggs hatched and lanterflies took over. Spotted lanternflies have two sets of wings and look like a moth. They are about an inch long. They have a black head, gray, black, and red wings. Not only do they consume a lot of plant material in a short period, they also help spread the growth of molds.


Why Should I Be Concerned?


Spotted lanternflies are a highly invasive species not native to the United States. In the three short years they have been in the United States, they’ve caused a world of damage. They reproduce quickly, consume large amounts of plant material, and leave behind nasty waste. Overnight, they can destroy your landscaping. On top of that, they are extremely difficult to kill.


How Do I Prevent A Lanternfly Infestation On My Property?


In order to prevent a lanternfly infestation on your property, you need a pest control expert. Lanternflies are very invasive. They can hide in any plants that produce sap. Even when these plants are removed, the lanternflies may stay behind. The only way to effectively kill them is a with a targeted application of the right pesticide from a professional exterminator.

At Bug Out Termite & Pest Control we are ready for the invasion of the Spotted Lanternfly. If you see even one on your property, contact us right away. We will come out, identify their source and treat the area. An infestation of these nasty pests is scary, but with our help, we’ll be able to keep them off your property. Call us at 410-760-6065 to help.

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