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Even Electronics Aren’t Safe From Roaches In Your Home

The PlayStation 4 recently made the news for a rather unfortunate achievement: the case turns out to be a perfect hiding spot for cockroaches.

Wide ventilation holes are great for pumping out the heat a game console produces when it’s running, but they don’t need to be more than a few millimeters across for roach to fit through. And while the heat may be dangerous on the electronic parts themselves, the hot air that blows through the PS4 is just the right temperature as far as roaches are concerned.

Roaches turning your console housing into a home isn’t a harmless situation, either. Circuit boards can be surprisingly delicate, and between roach feces, eggs, shells, dead bodies, and the occasional unlucky live roach, these insects can spread a lot of material that will short out the PS4 and break it permanently. Some repair shops have added pest control surcharges to customers who bring in infested consoles.

Luckily, roaches frying your electronics is far from inevitable even if the vents are too big. There are a few things you can do to keep cockroaches from making themselves at home.

  1. Keep your home clean and pay extra attention to getting rid of food crumbs and drink spills. That’s what roaches live on, and they can’t thrive without a food source.
  2. Keep your electronics up off the ground. Roaches are scurriers, not fliers, and so things on the ground are particularly vulnerable to roach infestations. Keep in mind roaches are also able to crawl through the cable holes on the backs of cabinets.
  3. Remove all sources of water a roach could easily access. They don’t need much water overall, but they can’t survive if they can’t get any.

Ultimately, roaches in your electronics are just a symptom of a larger problem: your home has cockroaches in it. If they’ve found one hiding spot they’ve probably found others, and your kitchen appliances make particularly good roach nests. So if you have to bring your PlayStation to a shop for an organic sort of bug, you should contact a pest control service in your area to inspect your home and clear out the bugs that are sure to be hiding in the rest of your home.

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