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Established Termite Colonies Don’t Take A Break, And They Can Cause Extensive Damage To Your Structure

A termite infestation is not always easy to detect, but the pests continue working year round and leave destruction behind in their path.Subterranean termites call Maryland home. Established colonies often consist of millions of individuals. The headquarters is usually located at a food source such as an underground stump or log, and the workers create tunnels that connect to various other food sources. If an infestation occurs in your home, it is likely that you will not notice until an extensive amount of damage has been done. They feed on cellulose in wood, paper products, and even cardboard. Once a colony has matured, its members remain active year round. It is notable to mention though that expansion tends to happen during the warmer months.

What To Look For With A Termite Infestation

If your neighbor has an infestation, that does not mean that your home is the next item on the menu. However, it might be in your best interest to have a professional exterminator inspect the property. Even if they do not find any signs of termite damage, structures will need to be treated to ensure that the nuisances don’t decide to move in. Look for indicators such as mud tubes on the outside of facial boards or massive amounts of silvery wings on the ground left behind by swarmers. These are tell-tale signs that something is going on. The workers are cream-colored, and they are rarely if ever seen. Sagging floors, cracked drywall, and sticking doors could point to structural damage.

Each case is unique, so the amount of time that it takes to clear up the situation differs between homes. Our exterminators apply the treatment and monitor your structure carefully to ensure that the infestation is being efficiently controlled. Gardening, construction, and other things can disrupt the process, and in these cases, retreatment may be necessary. Houses are expensive, and you worked hard to put a roof over your family’s head, so don’t let these pests cause your structure to crumble. Instead, allow our team to eliminate the menaces. We have been serving Glen Burnie and surrounding area residents since 1988. During this time our technicians have amassed a wealth of knowledge that helps us exterminate pests as quickly as humanly possible. People don’t always know where to look for signs of an infestation, and why should they, but we do because it is our job. Our exterminator will thoroughly inspect the location to ensure that termites are not present.

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