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Environmental Friendliness Is Not Just A Sales Gimmick

Environmental Friendliness Is Not Just A Sales GimmickIn today’s data-overloaded world, with advertising, marketing and promotion just about anywhere—and often in the palm of your hand, thanks to modern phones—it’s getting hard to take anything at face value. Between the debates over what’s fake news, and what’s truth in advertising, when a company now makes a claim, it’s pretty understandable that you’d show some skepticism about supposed perks or benefits that come with a product.

But when it comes to pest control, when an experienced, professional extermination company throws around a term like “environmental friendliness” this is not just some fancy, empty collection of words that sounds good, but does nothing. For people that own homes and have plants, pets and even children that they value, environmental friendliness is not just a catch phrase, it’s a reassurance of health and safety.


Extreme Measures Can Have Extreme Effects


There are a variety of different ways that pest control teams can deal with an infestation. A lot of this depends on the type of infestation, and the seriousness of it. Termites that are largely invading home from a nest underground, near the home, are going to require a different approach from rats or mice that have taken up residence inside a ventilation duct. Bedbugs in the furniture are quite different from carpenter bees that have built a hive in an attic.

In some cases, the way that these pests are handled is through the use of chemicals. And this is why when you have an issue with pests, you should always see whether the pest control teams you are thinking of working with can offer environmentally friendly chemicals. Because once these chemicals get into your environment, they can have a profound effect on you and other residents in the home.


Short Term Toxins


The most important thing to remember about chemical pesticide solutions is that there’s no such thing as a “completely safe” product. These chemicals are, after all, designed to kill living things as quickly and efficiently as possible, and since you, your other family members and even household pets all fall under this category as well, this can mean that you may be in danger if the pesticides are not properly deployed, or are not certified to be safe for use in your situation.

This is why, for example, even household pesticides that you can buy at a store and spray in the home have recommendations about leaving a space and keeping the windows or other ventilation clear after heavy use; these are toxic chemicals and they are designed explicitly to damage living tissue and cells upon contact.


Take It Seriously


Environmentally friendly pesticides mean that the effects, while powerful, are also far from permanent. This means that there should be no long term risk to the health of plants, pets, or human residents in a household. Sadly, this was not always the case, as evidenced by the past use—and subsequent banning—of pesticides like DDT, but modern, professional pest control teams have much safer pesticides to use, and much stricter controls about using them.

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