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Here’s Why You Should Get Rid Of Mosquitoes This Spring

Get Rid Of MosquitoesMosquitos are more than just an annoyance. They can carry and transmit very dangerous diseases. Preventing them from getting on your property is an important way to keep your family safe. If you really want to prevent them this summer, don’t wait to start treatments. They live all year long, they are just mostly active in the summer. So if you really want to keep your yard mosquito-free all summer long, now is the best time to begin treatments.


Mosquitos Stay Alive Even In Winter


Mosquitos don’t regulate their body temperature, so their activity matches the temperature outside. That is why mosquitoes are most active in summer when they can get energy from the heat. When temperatures drop below 60°F, mosquitoes become lethargic and inactive. They do not die. In fact, mosquitoes live all winter long, they are just dormant. So you can spray for mosquitoes even in the winter.


The Best Protection Is Prevention


One of the biggest benefits of spraying for mosquitoes early in the year, is that you kill them while they are their weakest. During the cooler months, they stay in their homes in tall grasses and brush. They aren’t flying around looking for food. When you spray in the Spring, you kill them all. Another benefit of spraying in the Spring is you kill mosquitoes before they’ve have a chance to mate and lay eggs. So you won’t have to spray so much in the future.


What To Expect During A Mosquito Spray


Mosquito extermination is a pretty straightforward process. One of our pest control experts will come out to your property and identify any areas where mosquitoes could be living. Then we spot treat those areas. A typical treatment takes 20-30 minutes, except in very large yards which can take longer. Each treatment will keep your property mosquito-free for about three weeks.

If you are worried about them on your property, you don’t have to wait. Our professional mosquito control specialists can start treating your property now. That way, when the summer comes, you’ll start off the season mosquito free. Call us today at 410-760-6065 to schedule your Springtime mosquito spray.

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