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Don’t Spend Your Summer Vacation With The Kids Fighting Pests

It’s that time of year again. The little ones will soon be home all day for rest and relaxation. No more getting up early and spending the day in a stuffy classroom. Of course, after a few weeks, parents may be wishing it was time for them to go back again, but that is beside the point. Backyard bar-b-ques, sleepovers, and family nights are great ways to create strong and lasting bonds. The point is that you should be spending your time doing something fun and exhilarating, not fighting pests and becoming annoyed.

We have been serving Glen Burnie and surrounding areas since 1988. One thing that all of this experience has taught us is that something new can surprise you every day. Each house, person, and property is unique and different. We give our customers a personalized experience that is catered to meet their specific needs. Not every pest related extermination can be treated in the same way. By going above and beyond, we always make sure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Rats, Mice, Bees, Or Another Pest Related Need

Scratching, rustling noises, things going bump in the night, or water lines leaking may all be signs pointing towards a pest infestation. Buzzing noises in the wall or attic, just past the drywall, can be obvious signs pointing to a problem. Diseases can be passed along, or bites and stings can occur. We do the dirty work to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Keeping trash cans and other debris away from the outside walls of your home is a simple technique to make it harder for pests to find a way into your home. They can climb these items to gain easy access through windows or other access points. It gives snakes, rats, mice, and spiders a place to hide until they can find a way inside, or until they scare you while you are outside. It is also a good idea to have landscaping in the vicinity trimmed and manicured.

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