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Don’t Do Rodent Pest Control Halfway

If you get a pest problem with rats or mice that is severe enough to want to get professional help, you’re already putting yourself in a situation where you will get effective and efficient solutions. With an experienced team assessing your home, pest control experts can quickly look at your situation, examine the structure of your home, find the areas that are causing a problem, and get the rodent population under control. Once they’ve done their job, you’ll find that your home is your own again.

However, if you don’t follow the advice that or suggestions that a team gives you afterwards, this may only be a temporary reprieve, and you may someday be looking at more mice or rats in your home once more.

Access Is Crucial

One of the things that any knowledgeable rodent pest control team will do is not just find out where the mice or rats may be living in your home, they will also try to find out exactly how they arrived in the first place. The team will be looking at cracks in your window, cracks or holes in your exterior walls, possible access through air in-takes or exhaust vents, any and all possible points of entry into your home.

In other words, they will be trying to figure out just how easy it was for these mice or rats to get into your home. Part of this is not only to find out how the problem started, but also gauge the likelihood of these entry points being used again, possibly even as exit points.

This part of an assessment is extremely important for determining just what kind of vulnerability your home has to rodent infestation. However, after all the work has been done, and the assessment has been concluded, it’s still up to you, as the home owner, to do something with the information that you’ve been given.

Finishing The Job

If the pest control experts point out that your house extremely vulnerable to entry from rodents due to numerous access points, this, unfortunately, is not something that the pest control team can help with. Their expertise is using the behavior of pests against those pests and eliminating them from your home.

The job of actually fixing your home’s problems so that pests can no longer gain entry requires tools and structural expertise that isn’t within the purview of pest experts. This is something that you will either have to do yourself, with your own tools or, if you’re not feeling confident, hire someone in order to make sure that dam-age is repaired, cracks are sealed and the exterior is now closed off everywhere except doors and windows.

Failure to do this means that you run the risk of another rodent infestation. And if you’ve already spent money to get rid of them once, why take the chance on it happening again, and needing to bring another team in? Once the experts have shown you the weak points in your home, finish the job; close those points off.

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