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Don’t Mistake Bumble Bees For Carpenter Bees

Don't Mistake Bumble Bees For Carpenter Bees - pest control servicePeople regularly see carpenter bees flying around wood structures. Why? Well, these flying insects bore holes into wood. They do not eat wood like termites. Instead, they clear it out and make tunnels throughout the lumber. Signs that indicate carpenter bees might be present include almost perfect circular holes about 1/2″ across in decks, railings, trim, porches, and more. Course sawdust-like material may be found under these entry points. Waste material stains of black or tan are tell-tale signs too.

Carpenter bees can damage the integrity of a structure if they are allowed to nest in the wood for years and years. However, they very rarely sting and are really more of a nuisance than anything else. Females can sting but seldom do. On the other hand, males cannot sting at all. These insects fly around people and animals aggressively. They create quite the buzzing sound, but that is about it. Still, though, they can ruin your home. So, consider scheduling our general pest control service to discover the extent of the damage and find out what options you have regarding the pests.

The More Dangerous Bumble Bee

It is typically hard to distinguish the differences between bumble and carpenter bees. Both species are robust and grow to about the same size. They have black and yellow coloring. The primary difference lies in the abdomen. Bumble bees have a fuzzy, hairy stomach whereas a carpenter bee’s middle area is smooth and shiny. Now that some of the characteristics are out of the way, it is time to discuss why bumble bees are the more dangerous of the two species.

These flying insects are social and live in colonies. They nest in places such as underground cavities, clumps of grass, or even inside the insulation under trailer houses. The creatures are not typically aggressive, but if they feel that a human or animal is a threat, they will attack. Thus, when the nest is in close proximity of people or pets, general pest control service may be necessary. Unlike honeybees, bumble bees do not lose their stingers after a strike. Therefore, they can sting over and over again.

If persons choose to go it alone, they should attempt to treat the site at night. A flashlight should never be shined directly on the nest as this may agitate the bees. Also, it is a good idea to wear the appropriate protective gear. With any luck, the pieces will help the individual avoid stings. Don’t fret if this burden sounds like too much to bear. Rather, give us a call to schedule general pest control service and let our team take it from there.

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