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Don’t Make Your Yard A Mosquito Haven

Mosquito Control - Don’t Make Your Yard A Mosquito HavenMosquitoes are some of the most annoying and dangerous insects in Maryland. They suck blood, they leave itchy welts behind, they transmit diseases, and thanks to the many wetlands of central Maryland they swarm just about everywhere. It’s enough to make many residents refuse to go outside without a handy can of bug repellant.

Your Home Needs Maryland Mosquito Control

Fortunately, there are a few things Maryland communities can do to control the mosquito population in their area. Water aerators in local ponds can make it hard for mosquitoes to land on the water and lay their eggs, plus the extra oxygen in the water can support larger fish that like to eat mosquito eggs and can be fun to catch by local anglers. Communities can also pay for mosquito control companies like Bugout to spray nearby wetlands with pesticide and cut down the population. However, pesticide is only a temporary solution.

Individual homeowners can also contribute by removing any puddles or pools of standing water on their property. Mosquitoes only need about an inch of water to lay their eggs, so just about anything in the yard that collects water can host mosquito eggs. This can include birdbaths, kiddie pools, undrained flowerpots, container lids, spare tires, buckets, uncovered fire pits, clogged rain gutters and more. If you see water collecting anywhere on your property, you should either bring the item inside or empty the water out regularly.

By taking these steps, you can help reduce the mosquito population in your area and make going outside less of a hassle and less potentially dangerous. While you should still use bug spray to protect yourself when hiking through forested areas or near ponds or wetlands, you shouldn’t have to spray the stuff on to get to your car or go on an errand. To learn more about mosquito control, contact a local pest control service like Bugout, Inc. of Glen Burnie.

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