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Don’t Let Rocket Raccoon Fly Through Your Garbage

 Don’t Let Rocket Raccoon Fly Through Your Garbage - pest control services MarylandRocket Raccoon might be a cute and fun member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s not so much fun when real raccoons invade your trash. Household garbage is full of things that raccoons love to eat, such as fruit and vegetable scraps. If they decide that your trash is destined to become their treasure, there’s no stopping them from digging in.

Raccoons Eat Anything

Most pest control services Maryland have heard a story or two about these furry dumpster divers. Raccoons love to eat, and they’ll eat anything they can get their little paws on. If you live near the water, you’ll find them foraging for clams, frogs, and fish. On land, they search out slugs, birds, and insects. In your garbage can? They’ll eat just about anything. They’ll dig through your trash bins and spread out the contents all over your driveway, the road, and your sidewalk for all to see.

Lock Them Out

Keeping these hungry creatures out of your trash can starts with locking down the lid. Since raccoons have sensory signals in their hands, they can find clips and fasteners and open them with ease. Look for cans designed to keep raccoons out. For DIY, choose a lid with a tight seal, then tie it down with a rope or bungee cord. Secure the can to a pole or post to prevent raccoons from knocking it over.

Motion detector lights can also be useful to startle them away. A low playing radio placed near the garbage cans can make them think that there is a predator nearby. Be sure to secure the radio to avoid theft, as there have been reports of the raccoons walking away with the radio!

Request Removal – Pest Control Services Maryland

After you’ve taken the steps to raccoon-proof your garbage, you still might find these creatures lumbering about. Be aware that raccoons also eat young rodents and moles, so if you have any of these pests on your property, they could be attracting them. Contacting pest control services Maryland is the safest and easiest way to be rid of your pest problems; raccoons, rodents, and all.

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