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Don’t Let Moles Destroy Your Root Vegetables This Summer

Statement: While moles won’t eat your garden plants, other pests will gladly use their tunnels.Moles are a valuable part of the natural ecosystem. These mammals use their long claws to dig holes through the dirt, and these holes give underground bacteria the chance to process the nitrogen in the air and make it accessible to the plants that need it. That makes the soil more fertile in the long run. Unfortunately, moles are a mixed blessing at best to lawns and gardens. While they only eat insects like earthworms and grubs, they often dig close to the surface and can destroy root vegetables like potatoes, onions, and carrots as they pass by. That is why you need to stop a mole infestation before it begins.

They also create ugly dirt mounds called molehills when they reach the surface. Then there are other pest animals like voles and mice that can use the mole tunnels, and if a mole didn’t kill your root plants when it passed these other pests will gladly finish them off.

On the bright side, moles are solitary and often fight each other when they meet, so if you have a mole infestation it’s most likely an infestation of one. Still, a single mole can cause a lot of damage and help other pests do even more damage than they would have otherwise. That’s why it’s important to handle a mole infestation as quickly as possible once you notice signs like molehills in your yard or garden.

One way to do this is to look for infestations of insect pests. Moles will happily eat any kind of insect that finds its way into their tunnels, such as earthworms, ants, termites, and more. If a mole has found its way onto your property and sticks around, that could mean that your lawn has another infestation problem you aren’t aware of. If the local food source shrinks, a mole might decide to leave on its own. Some people also have luck using household products like castor oil and tobacco to disturb the mole’s sensitive nose.

You can also ask a local pest control service like Bugout, Inc. for help. We understand how to deal with a mole infestation, and we can humanely trap the mole on your property and release it back into the wilderness where it belongs. So if you have a mole problem in central Maryland, give us a call.

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