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Don’t Let Crickets Drive You Crazy

Don’t Let Crickets Drive You CrazyOf all the insects that live in yards and parks, crickets are some of the most famous thanks to the chirping sound they can make by rubbing their wings together. In fact, you can tell the temperature outside by counting a cricket’s chirps and running the number through a simple formula. Between these noises, the cricket’s size and recognizable shape, and the fact that it’s not a parasite or very dangerous to crops, crickets are some of the most popular insects around.

However, crickets can invade your home and in rare cases infest it. Like most insects, crickets look for warmth when fall comes around and the outside temperature starts dropping. Houses are warm, and so many insects will look for cracks and holes in the sides where they can hide away and stay warm as they hibernate through the winter. Sometimes these cracks go all the way through to the interior, and at that point they can end up inside your basement or crawlspace. There are three cricket species in Maryland that may enter your home this way:

• Field crickets are black all over and have the familiar pill shape people recognize. Like all crickets, they also have the long black legs they use to leap surprisingly far.

House crickets have a brown, mottled color, and while they’re more likely to end up inside your house they still spend most of their lives outdoors.

• Camel crickets get their name because they have a curved, humped body shape. They have the same coloration as house crickets, but they’re more likely to prefer dark, moist areas like basements.

If you have a cricket in your house, you’ll know soon enough thanks to the loud and constant chirping you’ll hear. The chirping is pleasant enough when you’re outside, but if it’s quiet and indoors the sound can really drive you crazy. It won’t die anytime soon, either, and it probably can’t find its way back outside.

Still, you usually won’t need to call pest control unless a lot of crickets find their way through a sizeable hole near the foundation or unless they somehow find a food source inside or right next to the house. If that happens, you should call a Maryland pest expert like Bugout Termite and Pest Control.

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