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Don’t Let The Ants Come Marching In By Utilizing A Reputable Extermination Company

Regardless of the species, having ants inside the home, or even in the yard for that matter, is never a good idea. Fire ants bite and leave behind venom that produces itchy, painful pustules on the skin. Various over-the-counter ointments and sprays are available to combat the symptoms, but they often offer very little relief. Sugar ants are tiny, and more of a nuisance than anything else, but they too are capable of biting to protect themselves. However, these stings rarely require attention, unless the recipient is highly allergic. Carpenter ants being present may indicate that your structure’s integrity is at risk, but disturbing their nest may send them into defensive mode and result in a painful bite.

Don’t Leave Ants To Do As They Please

Follow the line of marchers back to the source of entry into the home. All these insects need is the tiniest crack or hole, and once they have found it, they bring their entire family over for a visit. Consider picking up some caulking, grout, or a suitable wood-filler material to block the access point off. Of course, these actions won’t stop them from just moving over a couple of inches and finding another way into the structure. A spray, bait, trap or another treatment may be necessary to eliminate the threat for good. If left unchecked, the ants can build a nest inside the wall, under cabinets, and in multiple other locations that are inaccessible without damage.

Colonies hiding in the grass can also result in an unsuspecting passerby receiving stings. Keeping debris cleaned up, grass cut, and landscaping well manicured can help, but these actions alone are not enough to prevent mounds from forming. Let our team show you why so many residents of Glen Burnie rely on us for their pest control needs. We do the dirty work so that you don’t have to, but most importantly, we run all of the bugs out.

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