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Don’t Forget About Ticks During A Winter Jog

Don’t Forget About Ticks During A Winter JogMaryland winters are relatively mild, at least compared to states further to the north. While some states freeze in December and don’t thaw until March, the average highs in central Maryland consistently stay above the freezing point, at least during some years. That’s good news for people who like to go outside when they exercise, especially when there are some nice nature trails nearby that are good for jogging.

However, good news for joggers is also good news for ticks. Unlike many types of insect, these hardy arachnids don’t hibernate throughout the whole winter. Instead, they fall into a low activity state for as long as the temperature stays below freezing. When the temperature is above that point, they will actively look for new hosts to drain.

One reason ticks are able to keep up this activity level is because they are consistent blood drinkers. Mosquitoes mainly live off the nectar of flowers, and their females only drink blood to help incubate their eggs. Their larvae live in the water until they become adults, and they live on algae and bacteria.

By contrast, the tick survives by drinking the blood of larger animals during every stage of its life. Even as immature larvae and nymphs, ticks need to drink blood to survive. They can go without food for a very long time, especially since they don’t fly or jump far, but this need to find new blood sources means they can’t afford to miss any opportunities. That’s why they’re always on the hunt for as long as the temperature stays above freezing.

So if you don’t let a little cold weather keep you from enjoying the great outdoors, remember to keep an eye out for ticks and the tall grasses they like to hide in. Even if the mosquitoes disappear, ticks can stay active all winter long, so don’t forget your bug spray and don’t forget to check your legs and your pets when you get back home. And if ticks do come home with you and end up infesting your house, don’t forget to call a pest control company like Bugout, Inc. to take care of the problem.

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