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Do You Need A Mosquito Control Service In The Winter?

Do You Need A Mosquito Control Service In The Winter?With the first snow of the season hitting the ground in Maryland, most of us are relieved that we won’t see mosquitos again until next summer. However, mosquitoes aren’t like the leaves on the trees, they don’t die off in the wintertime. They just become less active. Even though you can’t see them buzzing about, it doesn’t mean they are gone. That is why you need a mosquito control service to help.

What Happens To Mosquitoes In The Winter?

It is true that most male mosquitoes die off when the temperatures start dropping below 50°F. However, during the winter months, female mosquitoes go into a state known as diapause. Diapause is very similar to hibernation where they slow down and become less active. Yet, most of the time the females have been fertilized before they enter winter. Though their bodies slow down, they are ready to lay eggs as soon as temperatures warm back up. So the only thing preventing a large swarm of mosquitoes from infesting your property is a few degrees.

What Do Mosquitoes Do During Winter?

Mosquitoes spend most of the winter hiding in warm places like logs, under piles of debris and compost, and even underground. They prefer places that are sheltered from the snow, rain, and harsh winds. So they could be living in your yard as we speak. Mosquito eggs are even more impervious to winter climates. They can even freeze and spring back to life once the temperatures thaw. It only takes 4-7 days in above 50°F weather for mosquitoes to reemerge.

What Can You Do To Fight Mosquitoes In The Winter?

One of the best things you can do during the winter months is clear any debris from your yard. Though the temperatures are cold, it’s easier to clear these areas out now when mosquitoes are inactive than wait until it’s warmer and they are fully active and breeding. Another great way to help fight against mosquitoes is to hire a mosquito control service during the winter months. They can help you take preventative measures to ensure once the temperatures do warm up, you aren’t faced with these disease-carrying pests.

BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control offers a year-round mosquito control service. We’ll work with you to keep these nasty pests out of your property no matter what time of year. Working with us over the winter months, will help prevent mosquitos in the summer. That way you can enjoy more time outdoors when the winter gets nice. Call us today or fill out our online form to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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