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Do You Have Termites If Your Neighbor Does?

do-you-have-termites-if-your-neighbor- doesIt’s not a situation that we’d wish on anyone, but for some people, it happens. You may have a relationship with your neighbors, or you may only occasionally interact. But suppose you have a situation where you are talking to one of your neighbors and that neighbor admits there’s been a problem in the home. Further conversation reveals that the problem is a structural one; they’ve just found out that they have a termite colony in their home. They want to do something about it and hire a pest control team.

Of course, you’ll wish your neighbor the best of luck in this endeavour and hope that it works out. But now, the inevitable line of thought moves to the next conclusion. Your neighbor has termites. Your home, right next door, is just a few feet away from a house now confirmed to have termites.
Naturally, you may wonder, what are the odds that this means your house has termites too? Let’s look at exactly what this entails.


Termite Problem – More Than Just Proximity


From a logistics perspective, the short distance between your home and a home with termites does present a distinct possibility that termites might “migrate” over. However, distance itself is not the only determining factor in encouraging termites to move. One thing to keep in mind with termites is that they will take the path of least resistance when it comes to expanding their colony.

This means that if your neighbor’s home has plenty of wood inside for the termites to expand into, they will continue to do this as long as they can. Termites obviously do send “scouts” looking for more territories to expand into, but easy access will always trump a longer migration.


Providing A Reason


However, if you give termites ample motivation to consider your home, they will take up your invitation. Termites are motivated by two things; shelter and food. Wood provides both of these factors, as wood provides protection against the elements, but also is a food source, meaning that once they’ve moved into a significant chunk of wood, such as a wood post, or beam, they’ll exploit that.

If you have no easy to access sources of wood between your home and that of your neighbor, you’re not giving termites any reason to explore your home. On the other hand, if, for example, you and your neighbor have an agreement to share firewood, and there’s a big pile of firewood between your homes, but you keep a secondary pile of firewood right next door, it’s possible this might attract termites.


The Right Treatment Means No Worries


However, one important thing you should keep in mind is that if your neighbor is getting a qualified pest control team to handle the termites, like BugOut, you have NOTHING to worry about. The termite extermination process, when handled by professionals, does not drive termites out of the home and into adjacent ones. As long as your neighbor is getting the right people to handle a termite problem, this will not somehow “transfer” a termite problem to you.

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