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Do I Have To Worry About A Mole Infestation In The Winter?

Do I Have To Worry About A Mole Infestation In The Winter?With winter finally rearing its head in Maryland, many people think that their outdoor pest control problems are gone until the spring. Unfortunately, not all pests hibernate during the cold months, many stay active including moles. Moles do not hibernate at all. So they can spend the entire winter, unbeknownst to you, tearing up your yard and creating a mole infestation. Most Maryland homeowners don’t discover these issues until it is too late.

Moles Are Active Even In Snow

Maryland winters are pretty rough and anyone who has tried to dig a hole in the ground knows that the ground is frozen. So it can be pretty difficult to imagine these active burrowing pests digging around your yard. Yet, moles have sharp claws and can dig through really hard ground. During the winter they mostly burrow below the frost line, where they find plenty of bugs to eat. Their burrowing also creates friction which makes it easier for them to burrow close to the surface once the tunnel is established.

Mole Tunnels Are Very Damaging In Winter

Anyone who has ever had a mole problem knows how much damage they can do to your yard. As they dig their tunnels, they expose the roots of your lawn and other vegetation to air which kills them. During the winter, perennial plants like grass lie dormant, so they are more susceptible to damage because their natural defenses are down. When a mole digs a tunnel in your yard during the winter months, they can create more damage than the summer.

Signs You Have A Mole Infestation In The Winter

During the summer, a mole infestation is given away by patches of dead and dying grass. However, with the grass already brown and often under piles of snow, it can be hard to detect them. If you know what to look for though, you can spot a mole infestation in the winter. The first sign is a molehill, these can usually be seen even in the snow. The second sign is that the ground seems raised in tunnel like shapes. Finally, when the snow is clear you can take a walk around your yard and feel if parts of the ground seem less stable. Be very careful though, because mole tunnels provide quite the tripping hazard.

If you are worried that you have a mole infestation in the winter, you are probably right. Luckily, BUGOUT Termite & Pest Control knows how to identify and stop moles, even during the winter months. Conveniently located in Glen Burnie, we service the greater Baltimore area year round.

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