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Do Bug Bombs Work On Bed Bugs?

Do Bug Bombs Work On Bed Bugs?The “bub bomb” is a kind of insecticide treatment method that uses “scorched earth tactics” to address a problem. In this case, bug bombs, more accurately known as insect foggers, are available to consumers at general retail outlets. But how does a bug bomb work when you’re trying it on something specific like Garrison bed bugs? Will you get satisfactory results?

The Concept

A bug bomb is a canister of pressurized insecticide that vaporizes into a room. Of course, users are not supposed to be in the area when a bub bomb is used, as it sends a toxic fog into the air that is designed to fill the space and leave pests unable to survive.

There are many instances where a bug bomb can be quite useful, such as a room full of flying insects, or pests like spiders that are numerous and need clearing out from a basement or attic. In these cases, the bugs tend to stay out in the open, making the dispersal of the fog very effective. Garrison bed bugs, however, are a little bit different.

Deeply Embedded

There are three major issues to contend with when using a bug bomb on Garrison bed bugs. The first is that bed bugs can hide in the frames of mattresses, holes in the wall, or floor, or other areas where the insecticide may never even penetrate. A second issue is that the frequent use of these insecticides has caused some bed bugs to develop a resistance, so bug bombs are becoming less effective in general. A final issue is that even when a bug bomb fails to kill bed bugs, it may irritate them enough to migrate to other parts of a home, or, the case of condos and apartments, other units in a building, spreading the problem, instead of containing it.

In other words, if you have Garrison bed bugs, a bub bomb is not the answer.

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