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DIY Stinging Insect Extermination May Lead To Painful Stings

Do-it-yourself projects offer homeowners a way to improve their homes while also saving a buck here or there. A trip to any local hardware store provides endless possibilities with option after option for things like plumbing, painting, and even extermination. These tasks give people a sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment after completion, but complications that arise while in the middle of the process can result in less than stellar results. For instance, changing the powder room water closet might not seem like too big of a deal, that is, until you are wading around in ankle deep water because of a broken water line.

Some projects should not be taken lightly, and when stinging insects are concerned, proper safety precautions must take place to prevent stings and bites from occurring. Typical symptoms include raised welts or knots at the puncture site, irritated and itchy skin, and just all around unpleasant sensations. Residents that live in Glen Burnie, Annapolis, and other surrounding areas do not have to face these intimidating threats alone. Allow us the opportunity to show you why so many homeowners have entrusted us with their stinging, and other pest needs, while we eliminate the menaces safely and professionally.

Watch Where You Are Walking

Even though the temperatures are starting to drop some, they are not cold enough to send ants further into the ground in search of warmth. Mounds can be found in both manicured and unkempt lawns, and unexpectedly trampling over one can result in numerous stings. Of course, almost everyone has experienced the painful and itchy sensations left behind by these bites, but if many ants attack at the same time, the actions can lead to health-related complications like fever, nausea, and more. Granules, sprays, and baits are available at most retail and hardware stores to fight the pests, but residents should contact us if the infestation is complicated, or if they just don’t want to deal with the issue. Our technicians will eliminate the stinging insects quickly and with methods that do not harm pets or people.

Don’t just stare at the ground for ant hills though, yellow jackets, wasps, and other flying pests often build nests on the eve of the home. They do not always attack as a person walks by, but if they feel threatened, stings are likely. The first insect releases a pheromone that signals to the other members of the group to start attacking too. Minor to severe symptoms of swelling, pain, skin rashes, and more are possibilities. Leaving the populations to do as they please, can result in people dodging and weaving every time that they go outside. Sprays and other treatments are available to homeowners, but not everyone is inclined to fight the threats. Let us help you keep family members out of harm’s way by exterminating the flying insects.

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