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Dependable Extermination Service For Your Vole Or Mole Infestation

Dependable Extermination Service For Your Vole Or Mole InfestationMoles, voles, and shrews are small mammals that persons may find in their yard every now and again. Moles and shrews mainly feed on insects and invertebrates. Shrews are small in size as they typically have a body length of between 3 and 4-inches. These little creatures hunt for bugs above ground. Shrews do not create surface tunnels. However, they have been known to seek out insects in tunnels made by a mole infestation.

Meanwhile, moles are designed to live underground. They have teeny-tiny eyes that are concealed behind fur. Additionally, these mammals do not have external ears. The most recognizable characteristics of moles are their long pointy noses, sideways bent paddle-like forefeet for digging, and razor-sharp claws. They are usually gray to dark brown in color.

Voles, on the other hand, are rodents with a 4 to 6-inch body length. These guys and gals have blunt faces, small ears, and large black eyes. Plus, they have noticeable orange front teeth for gnawing. Diet is the primary difference between moles and voles. The latter feeds on grass, seeds, tree bark, and roots. These pests also dig tunnels in the dirt.

Contact An Exterminator To Handle Your Vole Or Mole Infestation

When a vole or mole infestation occurs, the tunnels they dig can make your yard have a less than stellar appearance. Not to mention, the holes and burrows can pose a fall hazard to humans. A person could be walking along minding his or her own business only to wind up twisting or breaking an ankle. Also, voles are known carriers of the hantivirus, which gets passed along to people through rodent droppings. When health, safety, and well-being are the chief concerns, one can’t be too careful. So, give our office a call today to eliminate your vole or mole infestation.

Moles are more of loaners. Hence, they keep to themselves, and homeowners are not likely to see a bunch of them in one area. However, voles reproduce fast, which means they can colonize a location in a hurry. Regardless of the type of insect, rodent, or mammal that is giving you problems, our team is here to help. We proudly service the areas of…

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The team has been helping Maryland clients with their pest control since 1988, and they will be more than happy to do the same for you. Don’t delay any longer as there are no term commitments required. Instead, pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your extermination options today.

Contact an exterminator to remove moles or voles from your Maryland property.

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