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Is Your Deck At Risk From Termites?

is-your-deck-at-risk-from-termitesUsually, when we talk about termites, we’re focused on preventing termites from getting into your home and doing damage to wooden parts of the structure, like posts, beams, and joists. In these scenarios, the big concern is protecting the internal structure of your home from termite penetration, and that means keeping them outside.

Now, of course, this is impossible with a wooden deck you’ve built because it’s already outside your home, and it’s mostly made of wood. Since termites love wood, and you can’t protect your deck by bringing it inside, how much risk does this put your deck in?


Potential Termite Intrusion


There’s no getting around the fact that your deck, as a wooden structure, will have some appeal to them. However, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of termites deciding to make their home there. The first and most important thing is to not skimp on weather sealant to protect the actual wood itself. If you provide a first-rate chemical barrier to the wood itself, they won’t be interested.

Other steps you can take occur in the design phase, such as choosing to use metal foundations for your deck, instead of wood. Or even choosing to go with treated wood as parts of the foundation, so that those pieces that make actual contact with the ground—whether metal or treated wood—are not appealing to termites and discourage them from exploring further.

A final tip is to simply not use wood, or at least, not traditional wood sources. Wood plastic composite is a good substitute for pure wood that has no attraction to termites. Pressure treated wood, such as those we suggested for the foundation, can also be used on the remainder of the deck. And some woods, like cedar, or even woods from tropical trees, also tend to not appeal much to local termites!

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