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Daytime Roaches Mean Trouble

Timonium Pest Control - Daytime Roaches Mean TroubleTimonium pest control services should always be called in when you think you’re in over your head with regards to a pest problem in your home. But when have you crossed this line into needing help? Roaches, while not a huge physical threat to people, present some serious health risks for a home, and there’s one very clear sign that you may be in more trouble than you think; you see them during the day.

The Ideal Time Is Night

Roaches prefer to come out and scavenge for food and water when they feel it’s the safest time. For human homes, they know that people are more active during the day, so, under ideal circumstances, they hide during this time and only come out when it’s dark, quiet, and they are relatively sure that people have gone to bed.
So what would be the reason for seeing them during the day?

Population Explosion – Timonium Pest Control

If you start seeing some roaches regularly, scurrying away from you during the day, this should be a big warning to you that you might need Timonium pest control. There’s only one reason that roaches are out in the open during the day; they’ve been pushed out of their hiding place by the others, and are trying to find a new one.

This means that if you see roaches in the daylight hours, there are so many hiding in the shadows and cracks of your home that they’re kicking out other roaches to try and make more room! The more roaches you see during the daytime, the more serious the problem is in parts of your home that you can’t see.

This is why if you find roaches running away from you in broad daylight, or even start to find empty roach eggs when you open cupboards or other enclosed spaces, think about calling from Timonium pest control. There may be more roaches in your home than you can handle.

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