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Contact A Pest Control Company To Prevent Mice From Running Amuck

rodent controlConsidering that mice are so small, it is incredible that they can cause such a commotion. Elephants and humans alike tend to shy away from the creatures. The common house and white-footed mouse species are some of the typical kinds found in Maryland homes. As colder weather sets in, these rodents find their way inside structures in search of food and warmth. They do not usually need a fresh source of water because the mice get enough nourishment from grains, seeds, sugary sweets, and numerous other substances. These pests tend to nibble from one package to the next and ruin them by leaving behind contaminants. Droppings, holes chewed through drywall and seeing live specimens are indicators that you may have a severe problem on your hands.

Homeowners may notice scratching sounds or the pitter-patter of little feet in their attic and walls. They might also see urine stains along trim or other woodwork. It leaves behind a musty, unpleasant, and pungent odor. Mice make squeaking noises, which are not always detectable to the human ear. Specific pet reactions like perked up ears, or staring at a single location for an extended period, could be their way of telling you about the issue. Call our professional pest control company to inspect the premises, and if mice are found, the technicians will exterminate them from the property. Areas that we service include…

• Anne Arundel, Baltimore, And Howard Counties
• Baltimore City, Glen Burnie, And Bowie
• Annapolis, Columbia, Arnold, And Severna Park
• Pasadena And Catonsville

Thinking that just having a couple of mice is no big deal, could result in an infestation getting out of hand quickly. A single female has up to 11 liters in a year, and those offspring reach maturity in as little as two months. Rather than having a few mice, the home becomes overrun when these populations are left to do as they please. People attempt home remedies, and purchase baits, poisons, or traps to get rid of the nuisances, but on occasion, the sneaky rodents become too much of a hassle for them to bear. They chew on wiring causing phone lines and lights not to work, which also increases the risks of fire to the home. We offer no term commitments and focused extermination programs to deal with the mice, and gives a person the peace-of-mind in knowing that their property is pest-free.

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