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Concerns About Ticks And Mosquitos At All-Time High

Concerns About Ticks And Mosquitos At All-Time HighAs the weather in Maryland finally begins to warm, you have likely heard about what a threat ticks and mosquitos are. However, many industry experts and government official’s concerns about ticks and mosquitos are at an all-time high. That’s primarily because tick and mosquito infections are spreading at a rate that is unlike anything seen previously by industry experts.


New Statistics Indicate Just How Much Diseases Are Spreading


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released information indicating how quickly diseases from mosquitos, fleas, and ticks were spreading. In a little more than a decade, the spread of illness from these pests has more than tripled. In 2004, for example, the CDC reported approximately 27,000 cases of insect-borne diseases in the United States.

By 2016, this number had risen to more than 95,000 cases. And, that’s not accounting for figures that were not reported. The CDC estimates that roughly 12% of Lyme disease cases are reported, meaning there are hundreds of thousands of Americans living with the disease unsuspectingly.

Diseases that are well-known, such as Lyme disease, are not the only culprit, either. The CDC reported that in addition to common conditions growing in severity, several new diseases had been introduced to the United States.


What’s Causing The Spread?


Experts have yet to confirm a reason why the spread of diseases has increased, but they have multiple theories that could potentially explain it. The most apparent reason is warmer climates across the country. These types of pests thrive in warmer weather, which is why they become so much more of a threat in the summer.

Warmer temperatures mean that these pests can now thrive in areas they could not live before. It also means that the pests can have a longer lifecycle. Even if they only live for a few more days, there is a higher chance of them spreading a disease that they are carrying.

Two other factors are contributing to the spread of these diseases. One is an increase in travel. Thanks to commercial airlines, it’s easier than ever to travel across the country. Ticks, mosquitos and other pests could hypothetically move from one part of the country to a new section in a matter of hours.

A lack of vaccinations is also a problem contributing to the spread of diseases. As mentioned, some of the illnesses that scientists now see are brand new. They do not yet have a cure for them. The more time that passes without a treatment, the more likely it is for the disease to spread.


Reduce Your Risk Of Exposure


As a Maryland resident, you should be tremendously concerned with ticks and mosquitos this summer. To protect your family, be sure to call the trusted experts at BUGOUT today. The trusted technicians at BUGOUT will survey your property and come up with a comprehensive plan of action to help keep pests out this summer.

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